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Save 40-50% on Energy Bills

All your money is literally leaking out of your house by the second. Without proper insulation you are constantly giving your money to Con Edison.  Spray Foam Insulation has the highest return on your investment over any other money saving upgrade to your home. Typically you can expect to recoup your total investment in as little as three years. This is opposed to over a decade with solar upgrades and window upgrades.

Unique Advantages of Foam:

Air barrier:

Spray foam air-seals and insulates in one step. Its ability to expand and fill gaps and cracks make it an ideal air-sealing material, and it stays in place because of its super-adhesive qualities. Spray foam is often spot-applied as an air-sealing treatment prior to filling an attic with blow-in insulation. But when applied in more generous amounts, it can eliminate the need for other types of insulation.


Moisture will soak its way through fiberglass and cellulose insulation, but polyurethane spray foam stops it cold. Its closed cell structure means that water can’t migrate from one tiny cell or bubble to a neighboring one.


Did you know that a void (missing insulation) of just 5% of an insulated area can diminish overall insulation performance by as much as 50%? It’s very difficult to install fiberglass insulation perfectly, so voids are not uncommon. But spray foam’s expanding, super-sticky characteristics just about eliminate the possibility of voids. And once the foam cures, it’s not going to settle or shift like fiberglass or cellulose can.


  • The most energy efficient insulation available
  • Smart choice for smart minds!
  • Cuts utility bills substantially
  • Applied to underside of roof plywood – creating a conditioned attic = more storage!
  • Healthier, Cleaner, Quieter In-Home Environment
  • Improves performance of heating and cooling units
  • Patio & Balcony
  • Eliminates air infiltration, 90% of moisture intrusion 40% of energy loss Eliminates mold growth

Types of Spray Foam

  • 1-Part Foam: You've seen and probably used this type of spray foam, which comes in pressurized cans that are sold at home centers and hardware stores under brand names like GREAT STUFF™. This single-component foam is super-sticky, and expands at different rates (depending on the type you buy) immediately after application. Since it seals gaps as well as insulates, this product is often referred to as an "insulating foam sealant."
  • 2-Part Foam: To insulate an entire basement or attic with spray foam, contractors use 2-part polyurethane foam that comes in a pair of pressurized metal containers. When both components (resin and a catalyst) are mixed together at the nozzle, a foaming chemical reaction takes place that causes the material to expand.

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